Sunday, September 4, 2011

Amazon Is Testing a Tablet-Focused Web Site Redesign

The Amazon tablet is for real. TechCrunch did played with it. We made a mockup. The Internet had a field day. The only thing left for the company Amazon to do now is prepare, and prepare they have.
The website from amazon, for example. It's currently being tested for a brand new redesign. Not just any redesign, but a tablet friendly design.
And the redesign mockups even appear a little "higher class" than the old familiar site. More spartan. More white. More touch-tastic. Definitely space for thick fingers to dance around and paw at online wares, sans a mouse cursor.
Reuters reports that the new pages boast a bigger search bar and more of the aforementioned white space (all the better to highlight e-books, games and apps from the Amazon App store). 
We're very exciting, Amazon!


DownTown said...

I dont really get the deal with tablets. Why are they popular? Why is everyone rushing out to accommodate for them?

Francis Caron said...

I still don't have a tablet ... they all seem to miss some important features (no webcam, too small, no USB port). I hope this one might have a little something that makes it different from the others!
Good job by Amazon and great post by you! :)

Leetsnipes12 said...

I prefer laptops/desktops over tablets, that is my personal opinion.

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