Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ashly is back in bloginess!

Hey people!

How is everyone doing? It's been a while now since i posted my last story! This is because I had to take a break from blogging due of a very hectic  period of time in my life. In the time between stopping with blogging and now I’ve gratuated from my Network IT eduacation, been to Portugal for 3 weeks and just had a very relaxing time after!

At this moment I have all the things fixed in my life. I have a diploma, I have work and I have my own appartment. There is absolutely nothing that is wrong at this moment so I decided to blog again.

The time in Portugal was straight awesome! I’ve been there with 5 girlfriends and it took us about 2 hours of flying. Once there, we arrived with a bus in our amazing appertment. It was on the base floor and we still had some kind of balcony where you could jump over and dive straight in the pool. A few yards away from the pool was the beach. The view was great. I could look far away in the ocean when I was laying in my bed. What more could a human being ask for.

Not only the view and location were great but the going out in the city was insanly amusing. There was like this one big Las Vegas street where all the clubs were located. No doors, just open clubs where you could walk in and out. Happy people everywhere and the drinks were sweet. God, the drinks. So many of them :D After every night going out, we bought this french fries kind of thing and a small local stall. Delicious and definatly anti-hangover food, haha.

I’m not the cultural kind of girl, neither are my friends so except for beaches and bars, we really didn’t see that much of Portugal. Kind of sad something but thats just how it goes. However, we had one unusual event. Diving! Yes, diving in the big ocean. At first we learned how to use the diving suit and all the equipment in the pool from our instructor. Wow, these diving suits and equipment were heavy! After a few tries I got it! I could swim underwater without going up. When all my girlfriends got the hang of it aswell, we went to the ocean. I felt that the water was really cold with my face and hands but the other parts of my body were covered by the dive suit so I didnt really noticed it. When we were all in the sea, we went down. Amazing! Fishes, coral and aquatic plants everywhere! And the sight was like 30 meters far! This experience was just amazing. I’m happy I did it because I was really scared of the thought in the beginning!
When the three weeks were over we flew through home and went seperatly. Gosh that time was amazing. I want back!

Ill post a few pictures of the nice view so you can see what I saw, I’m sure you will like it!

Well people thats it for now! I’m happy to be back and I’ll keep you guys updated!

Happy reading times, Bye-Bye!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Justin Bieber as a young dad

We all know him, we all love him, we all admire him, we all want to be him ( cough cough). Justin Bieber, the mostly talented guy in the whole universe, after Paris Hilton of course infected us all with the bieber fever. He just announced that he wants to be a young dad, and make a happy family with his girlfriend, the model - Selena Gomez at the time he hits age 25.

He told the WWD magazine that he wanted to see himself as a married guy with a family and coocking my own food for my baby and girlfriend. Tough he still wants to be successful and play in a movie or something his number 1 goal in is life is to get married at 25.

The hit maker, who is now 17 years old, sad that he wanted to raise his future family in Canada, his native country. When he was asked why he don't want to raise his children in Los Angeles, he responded; " I just want my children to be Canadian, I really don't know why. Tough I might still buy a condo or something in Los Angeles.

So this is what my first Monday in this week looked like: inconceivable interesting!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

4 year old girl driving a car

I'm glad that I'm not living in China. Not because I don't like the food there but of the fact that the cars are being driven by four year old girls. Jia Zheng, a four year old girl was filmed by her mom driving her dad's car, while the dad was on the backseat. Not really my kind of happy trips.

The fun part of the story is that the girl drives like Michael Schumacher, overtaking other cars, driving in a straight line with a constant speed. I think this child is pretty special. On the other side I think that the parents of this child need to get a big fine for letting their daughter drive, who couldn't even look over the wheel and had add wooden blocks on the pedals because her legs where to short to reach the pedals.

Watch this video to see Jia Zheng drive her dad's car.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

E-readers are the future

After a rough night yesterday I just woke up an hour ago or so and no matter how I feel, I always check the news on my phone first before I crawl out of my bed. The first news subject I opened was the technical news, and there I read something about a comparison between e-readers and normal old fashion books. I know this isn't really important news, but surprisingly this kind of news always get the attention of my eyes first.

It started with a little intro, that we live in a digital time age and we prefer simplicity above tradition and old habits. I guess this is a pretty obvious statement but its true. What would you rather have, a bookcase full of books, where you have to search for like an hour for the books you wish to read, or a simple electronic display in the form of a book where you can simply search for the book you wish to read in a big book-database? I guess the answer for this question is also pretty obvious. Most of us would rather choose for the e-reader.

And this is what 36 percent of the 11-20 aged American citizens also think while 19 percent still use books (old, dusty, rusty and stinky books). 26 percent of the American citizens who are reached the age of 21 and further uses e-readers also while 19 percent doesn't. I guess this is the hard evidence that the books as we know them are going to get replaced by the simple and handy e-reader.

Maybe you don't like this, but I guess you like the money savings for the back-pain of your children, who don't have to carry 50 kilograms of books to school everyday but only 1 e-reader (and some chocolate also).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gambler Sues Casino

So I went to school this morning, like a normal average day (a.k.a. boring and dumb). While I was total bored with the teachers story's I was checking some news on my mobile phone. Suddenly I had to get out of the class from my teacher because I was laughing out of nowhere. So this is the story that made me laugh.

A gambler coming from Europe, was bored (just like me) and thought he should go and visit the casino. So he did. He had a lot of fun and a great time, before he lost 1,4 billion dollars. So what do you do when you find yourself in such a situation, that's right, you are going to sue the casino. So he did, by saying that the managers knew he had a gambling addiction. That is so not pathetic!

So, I personally think this man has to get 4 million indemnity, and also the rest of this world for paying the health costs for a broken laugh muscle!

O besides, he lost the case!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

$7000 dollar for spending a night in a hotel

So, usually I don't really like paying for a hotel room, but I also dont like to sleep under a bridge, so if I have no other options I have to get a hotelroom. Apparently Kanye West thinks a little different about that subject. He booked the Eastnor Castle for himself to stay the night before his show on the Big Chill festival on the 6th of September. You maybe think, well he is a pop star, have a lot of cash, he can stay in such a hotel. But I think you can also overstate a bit. This hotel or the night buildind, whatever you would like to call it, costs around $7000,- for 1 night. That is pretty affordable, isn't it?

The castle had around 12 bedrooms that he could use, an enormous dinner room and a view on the event in Hertfordshire in England. I mean, I understand that you need a bedroom, but where the hell do you need 12 bedrooms for. And that is not even enough for him, he has to be personally transported to the castle in a Hummer limousine, you know the car that has to tank at each gas station it passes, the car that can save like 1000 life's of young children in Africa for 1 tank.

But hey, I guess we all agree that he absolutely deserves it right:)?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fable: The Journey Trailer Review

So today I stumbled on this video, the Fable 3 trailer. We all know that the previous versions where just awesome. Great gameplay, good graphics and the stroyline is brilliant. I find personally the best part of the game, that you can become the person you are, or want to be. Good or Evil (or both like me).

Now this version of Fable, number 3: The Journey, is taking it to a next level on the Xbox: it's going to make use of the Xbox Kinect feature. Now you can just stand in your living room, hacking and slashing with your sword, riding across the land on a horse by whipping and settings things on fire with your magic spells, be sure to watch out not to hit your little sister or brother with your super huge fireball you're casting inside your house xD!

The Trailer above here is showing a part of the feature you riding on a horse, running away from that black evil smokething thats hunting you and the mystical women besides you (who is pretty retarded because of the fact that she wears a towel before her eyes ^^)!

Check it out and ejoy the trailer!

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